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Sunday, April 10, 2022

SAS Does Analytics Gaming

Interesting approach, gamifying analytics, which we also tried.

Hooked on data science: gamification drives engagement among students and trainees

by ALEX COOP on MARCH 21, 2022

While studying business intelligence as an undergraduate student at business school HEC Montreal, Camille Duchesne encountered Cortex, an analytics simulation that pits participants against each other to develop the most accurate models for a particular task.

In this case, the simulation supports a fictional charity by predicting which subjects from hundreds of thousands of records would be the most likely to be converted by a phone call. It was this simulation game that got Duchesne hooked on data science.

“I think the way it was set up with SAS Enterprise Miner was great,” Duchesne says. Though unfamiliar with the models, “You could test things out, but you really didn’t know what was going on at first. But because you had to implement it, you really got to learn the stages and how things work at a higher level.”   ... ' 

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