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Sunday, September 05, 2021

AI Powered Edge from NVidia

Just make sure they are also secure.

A Powered Edge from NVIDIA

Smart buildings, connected manufacturing plants, retail stores, hospitals and more -- all are getting smarter. Like really smart.

Equipped with networked sensors, data from these smart spaces are now being used to track assets; gather preferences, behavior, and safety information; automate processes; reduce labor costs; and more. 

In this free whitepaper from Supermicro and NVIDIA, you’ll learn why AI-powered edge computing is reshaping cities and enterprises -- and is essential to collecting and processing data closer to endpoint devices, keeping traffic local, reducing latency, and improving security.

And you'll learn how leveraging smart spaces will improve operational efficiencies such as quality control, management of supply chain s, assets and fleets, boost performance visibility, create revenue, and more. ...  "

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