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Friday, September 10, 2021

IBM and Watson, on Again

It would seem that IBM has been talking less about Watson/AI of late, especially in the business space. But here indications of new features and emphasis.  Had not heard of Intelepeer.  Which sounds like some sort of chat and customer service extension. Involved in several Watson examples.

IBM Focuses on AI Business, Adds New Features to Watson

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is working toward enhancing IBM Watson's functionality to improve its AI-powered automation offering...

By Zacks Equity Research September 10, 2021

International Business Machines Corporation IBM recently announced the addition of new functionalities to IBM Watson Assistant. This will enhance Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered automation offerings and make it easier for businesses to create enhanced customer service experiences across multiple channels.

Among the announcement is an add-on for IntelePeer Atmosphere Communications Platform-as-a-Service. Users with a Watson Assistant Plus and Enterprise plan can set up voice capabilities and a new phone number for a virtual agent. IntelePeer can also connect Watson Assistant to the users’ existing phone systems.

Other new features for Watson Assistant include short-answer retrieval based on a question-answering system from IBM Research. The new feature allows the virtual agent to shorten longer sentences or passages and provide context on where answers came from.

Also, IBM’s collaboration with IntelePeer includes a new agent app feature to provide human customer service agents a transcript made with IBM’s speech detection models.

- Zacks

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