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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Amazon also Poses an Indoor Drone Camera

See also that Amazon/Ring has announced an indoor camera drone for security applications.    Announced at a much cheaper price than their rolling robot   You have to wonder how well a flying camera device will interact with other home residents.  Also noise?  But another interesting gizmo step forward for the smart home.  

Amazon’s indoor camera drone is ready to fly around your house  in ArsTechnica

Amazon's crazy indoor, flying drone camera—the ambiguously named "Ring Always Home Cam"—is actually for sale now in the US. This was announced a full year ago, but now it's available "exclusively by invitation" for $249.99. This is a "Day 1 Edition" (read: a beta product). So Amazon isn't letting just anyone buy it. You can request an invitation to give Amazon money on the product page.  


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