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Friday, September 17, 2021

Visirule Business Risk Advisor

Have never stopped looking at simplified rule based systems to examine and  model decisions.  Some time ago we looked at some of Clive Spenser's work in this area.  Simplified and impressive.     Used similar methods in the 90s at P&G.

Storing and using complex knowledge does not have to be overly complex or too much like 'AI'.   Here it addresses risk, but can be aimed at other knowledge based applications.  Plan to test further, do take a look. Be glad to introduce you. 

Clive writes:   The BRAT initiative is based on work we have been doing for a major retail bank in the area of Testing Risk Assessment.

We simply recast it for demonstration purposes into the area of risk associated with various business activities.

The table of artifacts (Risk Areas and Risk Topics) which underpins both systems is represented using a flex frame hierarchy

The questions are standard VisiRule questions and there's a handful of statement boxes which look at the answers and determine which Risk Areas are relevant, set their initial priority levels and calculate some risk levels.

The calculated risk levels are used to calibrate the priority levels for each Risk Topic within a triggered Risk Area. Different Risk Areas are triggered by the various Business Activities.

You can play with the demo on:
So the whole thing is pretty configurable and runs on our VisiRule/Flex/Prolog AWS web server using IIS/CGI  ...   

Regards,     Clive Spenser,  LPA VisiRule,  www.visirule.co.uk,    www.lpa.co.uk   

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