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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Triple Qubit Entanglement

Enticing piece ... implications?   Had only heard of two bit entanglements.   examining. 

 Quantum Computing: Triple Qubit Entanglement Achieved in Research Breakthrough

By Francisco Pires 3 days ago

Another step on the road towards quantum scalability

Researchers with the Riken Center for Emergent Matter Science in Japan have demonstrated a triple-qubit, silicon-based quantum computing mechanism - opening up the road for increased scalability beyond a mere increment in total qubits on a given system. Previously, qubits had only been shown working in entangled pairs -- and this research demonstrates that entanglement (and thus computation) can actually be divided between three qubits.

Quantum computing rests atop qubits - the quantum equivalent of the modern transistor. But while typical transistors can only represent one value at any point in time (with that value being either zero or one), qubits benefit from the superposition mechanic of quantum physics, meaning that they can represent both states at the same time.   ... ' 

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