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Thursday, September 09, 2021

Thwarting Ransomware

Would have thought this is where you could unusual activity?   is it enough?    There will be challenges from both sides.

Your SSD may soon be able to detect ransomware attacks  By Mayank Sharma  in TechRadar

Best of all, the additional functionality comes with only a minor increase in latency

Academic researchers have conjured up a novel idea to thwart ransomware attacks using firmware that can block write access to solid-state disks (SSD) as soon as it detects patterns matching such an attack.

The idea about the intelligent firmware, dubbed SSD-Insider++, has been proposed by a team of researchers that includes engineers from Korea’s Inha University, Daegu Institute of Science and Technology, and the Cyber Security Department at Ewha Womans University (EWU) as well as a researcher from the University of Central Florida in the US.

“I thought that it would be good if we can protect people not having anti-ransomware installed on their computers by providing them with an anti-ransomware-intrinsic SSD,” DaeHun Nyang, PhD, at EWU told The Register.  ... " 

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