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Monday, September 13, 2021

Podcast: Portrait of the Post-Pandemic Grocery Shopper

 I still shop in store, not sure I have noticed a real difference.  Worth a listen.

Podcast | A Portrait of the Post-Pandemic Grocery Shopper

In SupplyChainBrain  

What is this creature whom we call “the post-pandemic grocery shopper”? ... 

COVID-19 has upended the entire retail sector, including grocery. The latter’s transformation by e-commerce and the internet was well underway by the time the virus struck in 2020, but the pandemic has wrought permanent changes in consumer behavior that either weren’t expected to happen for a number of years, or happen at all. Specifically, many shoppers who wouldn’t have dreamed of ordering their groceries online before they were forced to shelter at home now swear by the method. But they’re also still committed to shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. On this episode, we talk with Barbara Connors, vice president of commercial insights with the data-science firm 84.51°, about the profile of the newly minted “hybrid” shopper and that individual’s future, as retailers puzzle out how to provide a “customer-centric shopping journey.” Hosted by Bob Bowman, Editor-in-Chief of SupplyChainBrain. .... ' 

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