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Thursday, September 09, 2021

Decision Making in AI

Good thoughts here ... its not all about decisions, but decisions in real contexts. 

The Future of Decision-Making in AI

How not to end up in a Skynet, The Architect, Ultron or HAL9000 situation

By Alex Elkjær Vasegaard

 Generally, I am not a fan of the terminology Artificial intelligence (AI). It is too broad, and non-technical minded people imagine that AI is a singular entity that makes decisions independently. Additionally, because AI is a popular term, I have seen examples where companies advertise themselves using AI when they are actually “just” using linear regression. Throughout the last 80 years, the term has gotten a bad rap in pop culture because of all the doomsday science-fiction stories and movies. Countless times we have seen science-fiction turning into science-faction, and with the advent of the text generator GPT-3 by OpenAI, it sure looks like we are on track. So, will this also happen here?

Nope.  .... ' 

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