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Friday, September 10, 2021

Immersive Drug Design with VR

In the much earlier days of VR we did something similar.  Key is what insight you get from the VR and how do you put it to real value in a design effort?   What is the value of the immersion?   Like what I see, but not very much detail. 

VR Puts Drug Researchers Inside Molecules

The Wall Street Journal, Sara Castellanos, September 7, 2021

Drug-discovery researchers are using virtual reality (VR) to examine the structures of molecules in order to determine how fluctuations in the distance, configuration, and chemical properties of such structures could clarify a drug's functions. Scientists can probe virtual environments filled with color-coded drug molecules and proteins, manipulating them with hand controllers to more easily identify promising molecules faster. Startup Nanome, which developed three-dimensional modeling software for this purpose, also is developing an artificial intelligence assistant that can guide users through the VR experience.

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