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Thursday, September 23, 2021

How Fast do Algorithms Improve?

 Could be a way to track where effort should be expended.     Matching quality and value of solutions to effort.

How Quickly Do Algorithms Improve?

MIT News, Rachel Gordon, September 20, 2021

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers reviewed 57 textbooks and over 1,110 research papers to chart algorithms' historical evolution. They covered 113 algorithm families, sets of algorithms solving the same problem highlighted by textbooks as paramount; the team traced each family's history, tracking each time a new algorithm was proposed, and noting the more-efficient program. Each family averaged eight algorithms, of which a few upgraded efficiency. Forty-three percent of families dealing with large computing problems saw year-on-year gains equal to or larger than Moore's Law-dictated improvements, while in 14% of problems, algorithmic performance improvements overtook hardware-related upgrades. MIT's Neil Thompson said, “Through our analysis, we were able to say how many more tasks could be done using the same amount of computing power after an algorithm improved."

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