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Sunday, September 05, 2021

On Value Creation

Have read this before, good overview.

Value Realization, Value Positioning, Value Creation

Dave Brock -September 4, 2021 

As sales and marketing people, the concept of “Value Proposition” has become fundamental in our positioning in our markets and with our customers. The concept of the value proposition can be traced back, apparently, to a McKinsey paper written in 1988, and to Norton and Kaplan’s work in the early 90’s (I was surprised by this, I thought the concept predated this by some years.)

But value propositions have become almost another feature we talk about in pitching our products and company. Take a moment, search your website and those of your competition. Inevitably you will find the “value proposition” touted with all the other features and benefits of your offerings. It will be proudly displayed on your product pages, it will be trumpeted on your corporate pages, and it’s probably a headline on the home page. ... " 

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