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Thursday, September 23, 2021

IBM, Biz Ready Quantum

More on this effort from Fortune.  The effort by IBM would seems to be considerable part of Quant  strategy.   I would want to get a good time line of matching my problem to likely developed specs, like number of Qubits, error tolerance.    Following.

IBM is getting business ready for a future with quantum computing

BY JEREMY KAHN September 22, 2021 11:39 AM EDT in Fortune

IBM has launched a new service to help companies deploy quantum computers and train staff to use the emerging technology.

Called the Quantum Accelerator, the program will involve IBM experts working with companies to figure out the most valuable near-term use cases for quantum computers in their business and then help them research and deliver proof-of-concept projects around those use cases. It will also involve the development of what Katie Pizzolato, IBM’s head of quantum strategy, said are bespoke curriculums to train a customer’s staff on how to use quantum computers and quantum algorithms.

The company said it would tailor its educational offering to the needs of different groups within each company. Some high-level executives might need a basic grounding in what quantum computers are and how quantum algorithms differ from conventional ones and where these might help with business needs. Meanwhile, software engineers might require far more technical training in how to program quantum computers or write their own quantum algorithms.   ..  " 

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