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Friday, September 24, 2021

Expanding the Zoom of it

Been intrigued by what innovative things could be done with methods like Zoom to make them more valuable.  Here some new features from Zoom, interesting but not very remarkable.

Zoom will soon tell your boss if you’re late for a meeting    By Joel Khalili in TechRadar

New attendee status feature shows who isn't yet present

Zoom has unveiled a series of updates for its video conferencing and collaboration platforms, one of which may prove unpopular with the scatterbrains of this world.

Courtesy of integrations with Google and Outlook calendars, Zoom will soon begin to display a list of meeting invitees that have yet to join the call.

“Their invite response (accepted, declined, maybe) is listed with their name and the host can easily invite them to the meeting from the participants panel,” the company explained.

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Although useful in a number of contexts (such as taking the register for a virtual class, for example), gone will be the days of slinking into a team meeting a few minutes late, with the host none the wiser. ... ' 

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