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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Amazon Marketplace Sellers

 Was unaware of the growth of these.

Amazon marketplace sellers are becoming retail giants

Plus additional expert comments ...

Amazon marketplace sellers are becoming retail giants

Sep 13, 2021,  by Tom Ryan

Thrasio, the largest aggregator of third-party Amazon.com marketplace sellers, last week announced its three largest acquisitions ever and more deals in the works.

“We take beloved products, invest the resources to solidify their category leadership on Amazon, and then we increase their sales footprint through international expansion and other channels,” said Carlos Cashman, co-CEO, in a statement.

In February, Thrasio earned a $3 billion valuation in a funding round as money keeps pouring into the space. A total of 38 Amazon aggregators have raised nearly $9 billion in capital since April 2020, according to Marketplace Pulse.  ... '

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