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Monday, September 27, 2021

Robot Swarms Chatting Less Means Better Decisions

General statement is interesting as as give decisions over to groups of robots

Less Chat Can Help Robots Make Better Decisions

By University of Sheffield (U.K.), July 30, 2021

Robot swarms could cooperate more effectively if communication among members of the swarm were curtailed, according to research by an international team led by engineers at the U.K.'s University of Sheffield.

The research team analyzed how a swarm moved around and came to internal agreement on the best area to concentrate in and explore.  Each robot evaluated the environment individually, made its own decision, and informed the rest of the swarm of its opinion; each unit then chose a random assessment that had been broadcast by another in the swarm to update its opinion on the best location, eventually reaching a consensus.

The team found the swarm's environmental adaptation accelerated significantly when robots communicated only to other robots within a 10-centimeter range, rather than broadcasting to the entire group.

From University of Sheffield (U.K.)

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