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Sunday, August 02, 2020

On the Smart Supermarket Shelf

A space we did lots of work on with startups and big players.    Our innovation center tested them all.

Smart Supermarket Shelves: A Shopping Transformation

Yuval Boger / 13 Jul 2020 / Connected Devices / IoT  in Readwrite
digital supermarket shopping
It seems that everywhere we turn, the world is being digitally transformed, and your local supermarket could be next. We’re all used to the “non-digital” supermarket shelves — but digital supermarket shelves are likely to be the way of the future. That’s because they can deliver benefits to both consumers and supermarket retailers, so it’s a win/win situation. Here is: smart supermarket shelves — a shopping transformation.

How smart supermarket shelves could benefit consumers
The major potential benefits for consumers center on the capability of powered supermarket shelves to interact with smartphones. This can create a personalized shopping experience for consumers.

Consider these two potential applications of smart supermarket shelf technology:

1) A digital sign that could display a relevant promotion to a shopper as they walked past. This promotion could be triggered by the types of groceries that the customer has bought in the supermarket in the past and by the supermarket shelf sensor interacting with the customer’s smartphone to detect when they were approaching the shelf.

Consumer demographic data (like age, gender and cultural background) could also be used to trigger personalized supermarket shelf display information.

2) A smartphone shopping list feature where information on where customers can find grocery items that are on their list could be digitally and automatically provided to them by powered, smart supermarket shelving. ..."

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