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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Digital Twins in Wargaming and Beyond

An example of 'Digital Twins' in wargaming.   In the DOD we used many forms where the twin was an enhanced image with underlying technical details to emulate its operation, on a large scale terminal.   Specifically agents usually in observable environments.   As the piece suggests these don't need to be military examples, but any operational, typically spatial simulation, that has many operating agents and parameters.     Operational disaster relief is another good example.   Good general description below.

Covid-19 Crisis Accelerates U.K. Military's Push Into Virtual War Gaming  By Financial Times

The U.K. Ministry of Defence is looking to fast-track new virtual reality technology from software developer Improbable that would create a digital replica of the country. The technology could be used to test resilience to future pandemics, natural disasters, and attacks by hostile states.

Known as a "single synthetic environment," the technology layers maps of geographical terrain and critical infrastructure with details of fuel, power, and water supplies, telecom networks, weather patterns, and more. This virtual "twin" uses artificial intelligence to simulate future scenarios and offers the ability to "war game" responses.

The Ministry of Defence hopes eventually to build simulations of likely conflict zones. "What we're aiming for in the longer term is . . . to enable governments to test ideas and test choices of action in a virtual world before implementing them in the real world," says Improbable's Chief Executive Joe Robinson.

From Financial Times  
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