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Monday, August 17, 2020

Attorneys Embracing Analytics

A fairly short descriptive piece.  Were involved with several examples of analytics/statistics before judges.    Depends much upon the kind of legal proceeding you are involved in.   Will it mean convincing a jury?   The step after this is to build logical systems to represent law.  Like the 'smart contract' still in its very early phases.   But I think it will ultimately be able to model legal data and logic and analytics. 

More Attorneys Embrace Data Analytics With Expert Witness Research
Here is how data analytics can make an impact on expert witness research, and why attorneys are interested in it.  By Sean Parker 

We have previously written about the growing utilization of big data in the legal industry. Big data has unquestionably become more integral to many aspects of the legal profession, especially with researching laws and case precedents. However, there are other avenues for law firms to use big data to improve their business models. One benefit that is not regularly discussed Is the value of big data for conducting research on expert witnesses.  ... "

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