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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

IBM Sterling Inventory Control Tower

Had this pointed out to me, aspects covering predictions of disruptions are most interesting.

IBM Sterling Inventory Control Tower to Help Organizations Manage Inventory

July 2, 2020 SupplyChainBrain

IBM announced the launch of IBM Sterling Inventory Control Tower to further help companies manage inventory and build resilient supply chains. IBM Sterling Inventory Control Tower is enabled with AI and is designed to provide insights to see inventory wherever it is, identify and understand the impact of external events to predict disruptions and take actions based on playbook recommendations to mitigate the upstream and downstream effects.

Supply chain Inventory Control Towers is built to be used by organizations to get near real-time insights with anticipated use cases such as:

In grocery stores to expand inventory visibility to see beyond warehouses, including in-store locations and supply in-transit.

In hospitals to provide visibility into supply and demand gaps for critical items at PAR locations such as critical lifesaving equipment and supplies.

In automotive to get visibility into aftermarket service parts by SKU, and stocking locations across ERP and other systems, to help ensure critical parts are in stock.

The purpose-built Sterling Inventory Control Tower can help organizations see, predict and effectively act on inventory to better predict disruptions, improve resiliency, manage exceptions and respond to unplanned events. Capabilities include:  ... '

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