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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Testing Autonomous Cars in Germany

More live testing of autonomous vehicles

Mobileye wins permit to test autonomous vehicles in Germany
Kyle Wiggers
@Kyle_L_Wiggers in Venturebeat

Mobileye, Intel’s driverless vehicle R&D division, today announced that German certification body TÜV Süd awarded it a recommendation for a permit to drive its autonomous vehicles on public roads in Germany, including urban and rural areas as well as the Autobahn at up to 130 kilometers (~80 miles) per hour in real-world traffic. Mobileye — which says testing will begin now in and around Munich before expanding elsewhere — claims it’s one of the first non-OEMs to receive a driverless vehicle test permit from German regulators. Volkswagen and BMW, among others, have been testing in German cities, including Hamburg, since mid-2019. ....

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