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Monday, August 31, 2020

Knowledge Graphs vs Property Graphs

Robert Coyne Writes and points to a number of their resources on this topic:

Thank you for attending our webinar: "Knowledge Graphs vs. Property Graphs --a brief overview and comparison". We hope you enjoyed the event. .... .

The recording and slides from the webinar are available here: https://www.topquadrant.com/knowledge-graphs-vs-property-graphs-a-brief-overview-and-comparison/. We have also linked a blog post with the questions and answers from attendees here: https://www.topquadrant.com/graphs-overview-and-comparison/

Also, as mentioned in the webinar, you can find the "Property Graphs vs. Knowledge Graphs" white paper here: https://www.topquadrant.com/knowledge-assets/whitepapers/

Should you have any follow-up questions or would like to explore all of the capabilities in TopBraid EDG (http://www.topquadrant.com/products/topbraid-enterprise-data-governance/).)    ....

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