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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Content Factories Emerge

We have many means of converting data and hypotheses to useful testable directions.

The Data-Driven Tech Engine at the Heart of Hollywood's Content Factories
The Wall Street Journal
Christopher Mims
July 11, 2020

A new breed of film-industry technology companies are developing data-driven tools to help producers generate and refine content in the hope of capturing and retaining audiences. One such firm is audience-research software startup Pilotly, which streams content to people in their homes. Bryon Schafer at music-video distributor Vevo said this capability ensures a larger test audience size, and enables more granular queries to audiences by creatives and marketers. Other systems like MarketCast passively collect information as audiences watch content, gathering biometric data like facial expressions to measure responses. Pilotly's James Norman said the industry relies on a continuous feedback loop of recommendation algorithms, viewing-habit trackers, and studio production teams to sustain audience interest by keeping content fresh; Pilotly replicates those loops across a wide array of audiences by applying the expertise of the company's diverse workforce.  ... " 

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