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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Polinode and Microsoft Teams

Just informed of this and taking a closer look.   Polinode and its advances have been mentioned here many times.   For more about Polinode, see here.

Polinode Connects with MS Teams and Slack

Announcing Integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack   By Andrew Pitts

Today is an exciting day at Polinode! We are thrilled to announce that we now have direct integrations with both Microsoft Teams and Slack. With so many organisations recently moving to a situation where most or a significantly increased proportion of work is now done remotely, we decided to accelerate these integrations a few months ago. For a number of years there has been a trend towards more internal communication taking place across Enterprise Social Networks such as Teams and Slack. And so, both in the current environment and because of this trend, we feel that the ability to tap into the natural network data that these tools produce will be particularly powerful and insightful for organisations. A handful of organisations who have been testing the integrations over the last couple of months have already proved this to be true! 

The Teams and Slack integrations are available to any Enterprise and Partner customers who would like to take advantage of them. They sit alongside our existing integrations with Microsoft Active Directory, Office 365 Email, Office 365 Calendar and the Microsoft People API. All of these integrations are simple to setup - they just take a couple of minutes! All that is required is for an admin user of the tenant to provide authorisation to Polinode by clicking a button, i.e. oAuth approval.   .... " (Much more explanation at the link) 

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