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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Spot Robot Does Disinfection

The perhaps obvious use of robots for disinfection is happening broadly, even with the much touted 'Spot'  from Boston Dynamics.

For Robots, It's a Time to Shine (and Maybe Disinfect)
The New York Times
Lisa Prevost
August 4, 2020

Demand for reliable cleaning and disinfecting technology has soared amid the current pandemic, and firms are promoting robots as cost-effective, compliant, labor-saving devices. Canadian startup Avidbots sells the Neo robot floor scrubber, which generates maps of a facility after being walked through it once, and clients then organize cleaning plans with the company. The Neo also uses artificial intelligence to avoid obstacles, and incorporates them into its maps if they appear the next day on its rounds. Other companies are devising more sophisticated cleaning robots, with designer Boston Dynamics developing a disinfecting solution that can be mounted atop its four-legged Spot robot. Meanwhile, the startup Somatic is engineering a robot to clean bathrooms using spray technology.  ... "

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