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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

AI and Machine Learning Imperative of a Strategy

I see only rarely see complete strategies in the space.  Its mostly solving problems in narrow contexts.   Would be good to at least lay out a outline strategy for implementation.

The Building Blocks of an AI Strategy
Organizations need to transition from opportunistic and tactical AI decision-making to a more strategic orientation.

By Amit Joshi and Michael Wade in MIT Sloan Review
The AI & Machine Learning Imperative

“The AI & Machine Learning Imperative” offers new insights from leading academics and practitioners in data science and artificial intelligence. The Executive Guide, published as a series over three weeks, explores how managers and companies can overcome challenges and identify opportunities by assembling the right talent, stepping up their own leadership, and reshaping organizational strategy.

As the popularity of artificial intelligence waxes and wanes, it feels like we are at a peak. Hardly a day goes by without an organization announcing “a pivot toward AI” or an aspiration to “become AI-driven.” Banks and fintechs are using facial recognition to support know-your-customer guidelines; marketing companies are deploying unsupervised learning to capture new consumer insights; and retailers are experimenting with AI-fueled sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and gamification.

A close examination of the activities undertaken by these organizations reveals that AI is mainly being used for tactical rather than strategic purposes — in fact, finding a cohesive long-term AI strategic vision is rare. Even in well-funded companies, AI capabilities are mostly siloed or unevenly distributed.   ... "

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