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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Korean Mixed Reality Glasses

Another attempt at more generalized smart glasses, here aimed at mixed reality in particular.  Casual everyday wearable, or context specific wearable for the job. linked closely to mobile.

Nreal Light mixed reality glasses launch in Korea with the Galaxy Note 20
LG Uplus is bundling the Nreal Light with a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or an LG Velvet.

By Richard Lai, @richardlai in Engadget

After successfully fighting off Magic Leap’s claim that it stole trade secrets, Nreal is finally able to launch its Light mixed reality glasses into the consumer market. Starting today, folks in Korea can pre-order the Light — locally rebranded as “U+ Real Glass” — as part of a mobile phone plan on the LG Uplus network, so long as you pick the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or the LG Velvet as your handset. That way you can buy the Light at a subsidized price of 349,500 won (about $295). You can also purchase the glasses separately for 699,000 won (about $590) at an LG Uplus store from August 21st, if you’d rather use them with other phones. ... "

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