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Sunday, August 02, 2020

Introductory Guide to the Use of the Data Warehouse

Hardy comprehensive, as the title suggests, but a good introductory piece on the data warehouse.  A minimum you should know when dealing with corporate data.  Non-technical.

Comprehensive Guide to the Data Warehouse
Data science can’t start until the data cleaning process is complete. Learn about the role of the data warehouse as a repository of analysis-ready datasets.
Nicole Janeway Bills

As a data scientist, it’s valuable to have some idea of fundamental data warehouse concepts. Most of the work we do involves adding enterprise value on top of datasets that need to be clean and readily comprehensible. For a dataset to reach that stage of its lifecycle, it has already passed through many components of data architecture and, hopefully, many data quality filters. This is how we avoid the unfortunate situation wherein the data scientist ends up spending 80% of their time on data wrangling.  ... " 

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