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Friday, August 28, 2020

Simulating Mask Effectiveness

Was alway surprised this was not better understood.  Had for years done simulation of complex systems using high performance computing methods.    Why not for mask applications?    Too many possible variants in initial conditions?   Here what seems to be a something related, but with supercomputing.  Can this kind of simulation could be improved with quantum computing?

Do Cloth Masks Work? Supercomputer Fugaku Says Yes
Nikkei Asian Review
Yuki Misumi

Japan's Riken Institute said the Fugaku supercomputer, recently crowned the world's fastest, developed a model that showed nonwoven fabric masks block virus-laden respiratory droplets more effectively than cotton or polyester masks (although all three types were deemed effective at slowing the spread of the coronavirus). The system simulated the performance of the three types of fabric masks in blocking the spray of virus-carrying respiratory droplets from coughing by the wearer, demonstrating that all three types stopped at least about 80% of spray. The team also simulated a virus spreading through a 2,000-seat auditorium, and found little danger of proliferation if visitors are masked and sitting spaced apart.... ' 

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