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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Automating Coding: MISIM

 Automatic coding should be here.   This provides a simple approach, but where will it work best?  Where the context and intent can be well determined.

Automated Coding Could Mean Big Changes for Software Developers
By ZDNet in CACM

Researchers from Intel and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have unveiled a machine learning tool that brings developers one step closer to automated coding.

MISIM, or machine inferred code similarity technology, analyzes snippets of code to understand a piece of software's intended function, then constructs a database in which software code with similar outcomes are assigned similarity scores. MISIM can understand a new algorithm's underlying intent, and suggest to engineers alternative programming approaches, or efficiency-boosting corrections and options.

Intel's Justin Gottschlich believes MISIM could have a great effect on productivity, as software development grows in complexity. This invites speculation that the algorithm could eventually be used by any member of the general public with a good software concept.

From ZDNet
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