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Monday, August 31, 2020

Quantum Accelerated Computation as Disruption

Some bits of thoughts on the topic.   And new form of high performance computing (HPC)?  Ultimately what are the limits of capabilities here, versus more standard supercomputing?

Is Quantum-Accelerated Computation the Next Big Disruption?  by 7wData

Many people are looking to quantum computing as the next revolutionary technology. Nature analyzed that in 2017 and 2018 alone, more than $450 million of private funding was poured into the quantum industry. Even the classical finance community starts to smell an opportunity. Xavier Rolet, the former CEO of the London Stock Exchange and well-respected industry veteran, told The Quantum Daily that he considers such investments a solid bet on the future and believes in the transformational change of quantum computers.

If not all, the exciting topic made its way to a more mainstream audience. Even the tabloids have been writing extensively and with very catchy headlines about a Nature article published in 2019. Researchers at Google announced that they achieved what is called quantum supremacy. On their quantum processor named Sycamore (see Fig. 1), they ran some calculations within 200 seconds that would have taken the world’s most powerful (classical) supercomputer 10,000 years — at least they claim. It has to be added that the setup was very specific and the results are heavily debated by competitor IBM. But certainly, the expectation towards the field has been starting to skyrocket.

As smart and quirky physicists move towards the field of quantum computation, build hyped startups and get huge funding, it is very interesting to follow this space. Will we have the chance to see disruptive innovation live and in action? ... (More with sign in to 7wData ) ... '

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