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Saturday, May 09, 2020

New Tries at Common Sense Reasoning

We saw it at the very beginning, common sense reasoning is the key part of creating the most useful and powerful kinds of AI. There have been many attempts to do this, we tested a number, but they did not past our tests.  The excerpt from a non technical article from Wired below describes the challenge.  Looking forward to see more.

Watson's Creator Wants to Teach AI a New Trick: Common Sense
David Ferrucci built a computer that mastered Jeopardy. Since then, he's been attacking a more challenging task.   .... '

Ferrucci and his company, Elemental Cognition,    hope to fix a huge blind spot in modern AI by teaching  machines to acquire and apply everyday knowledge that lets humans communicate, reason, and navigate our surroundings. We use common sense reasoning so often, and so easily, that we barely notice it.

Ernest Davis, a professor at NYU who has been studying the problem for decades, says common sense is essential for advancing everything from language understanding to robotics. It is “central to most of what we want to do with AI,” he says.  .... "

Also see Elemental's blog.

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