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Thursday, May 21, 2020

How Significant is Climate on Coronavirus Transmission?

Considerable depth in this piece about the topic.

The Trillion-Dollar Question With COVID-19
How significant is climate on coronavirus transmission?
by Luke Shors and Michael Ferrari

Right now, India is completing more than a month of national lockdown and moving toward some loosening of restrictions in less-infected areas. The implications of stopping the movement and activity of 1.3 billion people would be hard to overstate. Ironically, one of the many side effects of the policy has been the migration of millions of poor people who lacked the resources to shelter in place for the duration of the lockdown. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced a terrible choice: lock down the country with massive economic and social repercussions, or leave the country open and allow an outbreak of perhaps unparalleled scale in the history of the world.... "

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