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Monday, May 25, 2020

AI is Watching you Work

Expect much more of this in the future, starting with aggregated group data, but soon later individually.  Can then be readily matched to goal achievements and predicted over time.

AI Is Watching You Work, With Mixed Results

As AI monitors more workers, in call centers and on the manufacturing floor, the technology is challenged to deliver empathy for humans.
By AI Trends Staff 

Advances in AI and sensors are providing new ways to digitize manual labor, giving managers new insights and potentially new leverage on employees 

Many jobs in manufacturing require a dexterity and creativity that robots and software are unlikely to match any time soon. However, manufacturing jobs are likely to change based on how it seems best to work with the AI going forward. 

An experiment has been going on at an auto parts manufacturing plant in Battle Creek, Mich. since 2017 to capture worker movements all day long in the hopes of identifying bottlenecks in production. The plant of Denso, the global auto parts manufacturer, has been piping video into machine learning software from startup Drishti, according to a recent account in Wired. 

“In the past, we would take a line that was struggling and bring a bunch of people down with stopwatches to try to make it better,” stated Tony Huffman says, a production supervisor at the plant. The Drishti system logs the “cycle time” for every worker all day, for every shift. Plant managers analyze the data to look for sometimes subtle bottlenecks. “Everything flows better and is smoother,” Huffman stated.   ... "

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