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Friday, May 15, 2020

Making the Real World Digital: AR Copy-Paste

Recall having the broad idea being brought up to transfer pieces of a real-world manufacturing plant into a process  model.  First for demonstration, and later even for pasting up a digital twin analytical model.   Why not merge the real and AR world?    With the click of a phone?   Here a startup in beta for something like that.  Will be following.  I see it as even more outside the consumer domain.  Could be a real killer app when put in the right hands.

AR Copy Paste uses AI to transfer real objects into productivity apps
Jeremy Horwitz in VentureBeat

As consumers continue to await affordable augmented reality glasses, the key platforms for AR applications have been smartphones — portable devices that use their screens and cameras to create little windows into a merged real and digital world. Now a developer is using AI-backed phones to pull real-world objects into the digital realm, enabling users to instantly transfer physical items into professional apps, such as Adobe’s Photoshop, Microsoft’s Powerpoint, and Apple’s Keynote.

Currently in an invite-only beta, Cyril Diagne’s AR Copy Paste app can be held up to plants, clothes, books, magazines, and other physical objects, using a seemingly simple interface to snap a photo of each item before transferring it to an identified space in an open document.  ... "

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