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Saturday, May 09, 2020

Online Free Webinar Series: Analytics Leadership in Uncertain Times

Upcoming online, free webinar looks to be of interest, note coverage of CPG, Retail and supply chain domains and Pandemic implications.  Looks to be useful for non-practitioners and managers who have to deal with analytics development  and operations.

Carl H. Lindner College of Business 2906 Woodside Drive
Cincinnati, OH, 45221

Analytics Summit 2020 Free Webinar Series

Analytics Summit 2020, the Center for Business Analytics' flagship event, has been recreated as a series of free webinars.  Join us on-line for the first episode "Analytics Leadership in Uncertain Times", featuring four speakers and leaders of analytics from McDonald’s, P&G, 84.51 and ADM. Details and the registration link are below.

This first event will be held on June 1 from 12:00-2:00 EST and is open to the public and *FREE*.  Additional episodes are scheduled for June 15 and June 29 and information will be available soon.

You can register for the first episode on June 1 here

Stay well!
Center for Business Analytics Team

Episode 1: "Analytics Leadership in Uncertain Times"
June 1, 12:00-2:00 PM

Session 1: "When a Data Geek Speaks"
Alex Gutman, Lead Data Scientist, 84.51

Abstract: Within many companies, there’s a communication barrier between decision makers and data scientists. As a result, business professionals, managers, and executives often find themselves making decisions based on data and analytic methods they do not fully understand. This talk addresses this communication barrier and aims to help business professionals become better consumers of analytics. By becoming more informed on the technical aspects and challenges your data scientists face, you’ll be able to ask smarter questions, form better opinions, and make better decisions about the analytics you encounter in the workplace.

Session 2: "Intelligent Disruption of the Global Food Chain"
 Jarrod Anderson, Emerging Technology Lead, ADM

Abstract: This talk explores disruption as a convergence of technologies that are coming together to unlock new possibilities within the global food and agriculture system. Technological disruption implies systems change, rather than simple product substitution. As with any industry transformation, feedback loops hold back the new in favor of the old. Once certain tipping points have been reached, however, such loops begin to favor the new over the old. The use of data science and artificial intelligence in the support of these changes are key in helping to feed the world.

Panel Discussion:

Join us as four seasoned leaders of analytics in the CPG, Retail, and Food industries discuss how they empowered their organizations to solve real-time problems related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Learn how agility counts when faced with significant disruption and how inspirational leadership matters.  The panelists will address such topics as: How did the pandemic change how your organization's work is done on a day-to-day basis? Has your leadership style changed as a result of this?  What lessons have you learned thus far and how will this affect how your organization works in the future?  ....   "  

More details:  Analytics Summit 2020 Free Webinar Series 

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