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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Forestry System for Growth Prediction

Another example of my previous work in forestry.    Would have been useful to manage harvesting schedules.

Researcher to Receive Top Global Forestry Award From Swedish King

Oregon State University News
by Steve Ludeberg

Oregon State University professor emeritus Richard Waring will share this year's Marcus Wallenberg Prize, to be presented by Swedish King Carl Gustav XVI, for his role in developing a computer model to predict forest growth amid climate change. Waring and Australian colleagues and co-honorees Joe Landsberg and Nicholas Coops designed the Physiological Principles Predicting Growth model, which incorporates satellite imagery to show how different environmental conditions impact the world's forests. Said Waring, "By the late 1990s, enough was published that we thought a simplified model could be built that could help foresters as well as ecologists predict how stands of a composition of tree species might respond to changing environments." Waring and Landsberg first presented the model in 1997, and Coops' addition of satellite imagery in 1998 enabled large forest areas to be surveyed, and forest growth and carbon storage to be predicted on a larger scale. ... " 

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