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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Apple, Google and Europe on Contact Tracing

Continuing to follow this. Since Europe has different ideas about security,  some disagreement was inevitable.

Apple, Google Start to Win Over Europe to Their Virus-Tracking Technology
The Wall Street Journal
Sam Schechner; Jenny Strasburg

European nations including Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands are considering or have opted for technology developed by Apple and Google for smartphone contact-tracing applications to contain the coronavirus pandemic. The Apple/Google system is designed for phones running Bluetooth, which emit a unique, frequently changing identification number and record the ID numbers of any phone in proximity for more than a few minutes. In this decentralized model, an infected person's phone uploads data on all of the ID numbers it has broadcast over a set time period to a temporary server; other phones then check the server to see if any of the IDs are among those they recorded, and alert the user if a match is detected.  ... " 

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