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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Sensors Hacking for Neural Net Activity

Thinking this. Another use of sensors to examine activity, and potentially determine 'secrets'.

Preventing AI From Divulging Its Own Secrets
IEEE Spectrum
Jeremy Hsu

North Carolina State University (NC State) researchers have demonstrated the first countermeasure for shielding artificial intelligence from differential power analysis attacks. Such attacks involve hackers exploiting neural networks' power signatures to reverse-engineer the inner mechanisms of computer chips that are running those networks. The attack relies on adversaries physically accessing devices in order to measure their power signature, or analyze output electromagnetic radiation. Attackers can repeatedly have the neural network run specific computational tasks with known input data, and eventually determine power patterns associated with the secret weight values. The countermeasure is adapted from a masking technique; explains NC State's Aydin Aysu, "We use the secure multi-part computations and randomize all intermediate computations to mitigate the attack." ... '

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