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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Spot Herding Sheep and other Farm Tasks

Intrigued by the use of robotics for agricultural and other classic farming  applications.  Here the use of the Boston Dynamics Spot ... and a link to a video of it herding sheep in New Zealand.  And doing other farming tasks.   Even working with others in teams.    So robots can be used for 'imprecise' tasks that require nimble action and reaction.  At least at this time these would appear to be tele-operated as opposed to autonomous.  For problems like herding animals, or even us?

Watch a Boston Dynamics robot herd sheep in New Zealand 
Robotics company Rocos  https://www.rocos.io/   shows how Spot might advance precision agriculture.

Christine Fisher, @cfisherwrites in Engadget

In addition to herding sheep, Spot robots might also harvest crops, inspect yields or create real-time maps, Rocos says. These capabilities are all possible now that Spot is more nimble, can handle rugged terrain and can carry infrared and LiDAR cameras. Rocos hopes to use its tech to remotely design and edit missions and collect sensor data. In other words, users might be able to herd sheep in New Zealand from anywhere in the world.  .. " 

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