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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Basic, Non-technical look at Quantum Computing

Looks to be a good, basic, non technical introduction, and also links to further free courses.

Quantum Computing for the Newb
Introductory Concepts
By Amelie Schreiber

In this article, we will give a basic introduction to our free course material for quantum computing. This is an introductory course for the absolute beginner. If you are not an expert in computer programming or mathematics, this course is for you! It introduces all of the basic math needed for quantum computing and the basic programming skills you need will also be introduced. Best of all, everything is in interactive, online, Jupyter notebooks. So there is no need to download anything or learn terminal. If you already feel comfortable with Python, then much of this will be a breeze! You can focus more on the concepts from quantum physics such as state vectors, quantum gates represented as matrices, and quantum circuit diagrams. To get to the material, follow this Github pages link. ... " 

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