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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Alexa Monologues

Alexa is expanding the possibilities.  Need more of this with clear understanding and response.

Amazon Upgrades Alexa’s Long-Form Speech and Vastly Expands Custom Voice Languages and Styles
Eric Hal Schwartz in Voicebot.ai
more than a dozen new voices and styles from which to choose, and developers can adjust the voice assistant to sound more natural when speaking for more than a few sentences.

A lot of interaction with Alexa involves short responses or rote lines. That starts to sound strange when the voice assistant speaks for more than a few seconds. Alexa’s new long-form speaking stye is designed to address that disconnect and make using Alexa feel as comfortable as talking to another human. Since people don’t speak the same way when uttering a sentence as they do when expounding for multiple paragraphs, the addition is likely to be popular with voice apps that read magazines, books, or transcribed conversations from a podcast out loud. For now, this style is only an option for Alexa in the United States.

“For example, you can use this speaking style for customers who want to have the content on a web page read to them or listen to a storytelling section in a game,” Alexa developer Catherine Gao explained in Amazon’s blog post about the new feature. “Powered by a deep-learning text-to-speech model, the long-form speaking style enables Alexa to speak with more natural pauses while going from one paragraph to the next or even from one dialog to another between different characters.” .... '

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