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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Data is the Most Important Thing

Or poor associated metadata.

Poor data quality is the leading cause of digital transformation failure. It’s time to prioritise data transformation!   in 7wdata

In a digitally empowered age, businesses across the globe have grand ambitions of leveraging the power of AI, Big Data, and machine learning. Innovation is happening at a rapid pace. Companies are investing millions of dollars in building data lakes, moving to the cloud, hiring data scientists and chief data officers to run their Digital Transformation plans.

Yet, they fail. Spectacularly. Plenty of reports and surveys show that over 85 per cent of big data projects are failing with varying causes. 

Enough has been written lately about how business cultures and unchecked ambitions lead to big data project failures. This piece will focus on how poor data quality is often overlooked and makes for one of the leading cause of digital transformation failure.

Data transformation, the process of transforming raw data into a usable format is often, incorrectly, juxtaposed with digital transformation. Companies assume that because they are implementing data lakes, data centres or new ERPs, (which are all part of digital transformation), they are transforming their data.   ... " 

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