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Monday, May 25, 2020

Could You Run your Business as a Sim Game?

The overall idea here was pitched to us, especially the supply chain aspects of such a sim.  Since we were already doing related analytics, you could see how such a system could mimic, diagnose and propose solutions for the real world.  In particular to mimic and address unusual conditions.  We thought there was a place to include gamification of the system's reaction to that.    But there was considerable funding required to make it work, and we were not ready for that, so we said no.   Apparently, according to the article it never got a real client.  Note the health systems example, could that be useful today?     Worth a thought.

Go read this incredible history of the SimCity studio’s forgotten business games division  Maxis Business Simulations was strange, ambitious, and doomed  .... 

By Adi Robertson  @thedextriarchy  ...  in TheVerge. ... 

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