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Saturday, May 16, 2020

About AI and Call Centers

How much will AI and chatbots replace call centers?  Will they ultimately carry on a complete and specific conversation that will solve a service problem most of the time?    Will there be trust and carry through and follow up?  And complete satisfaction?    Will people prefer automatons to people? Some of this is already here,  but there is  a long way to go.   A discussion.

The Truth About AI in the Call Center in 2020
By Thomas Laird  in Customer Think.

The role of AI in the contact center has been a topic that has been brewing in the industry over the past year. The trend I have been seeing is senior executives, senior management, or even the people in charge of budgeting saying, “Let’s just hand this over to AI” or “I want a bot to do this”. They try to take the human aspect out of the call center completely. Sure, saving money is important, but when it comes down to that bottom dollar, you need to be able to guarantee good service, and that only comes from humans. The call center is evolving rapidly and with the introduction of new technology, and the landscape is going to look extremely different in five years from now.  .... " 

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