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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Your Brand in a Voice Centered World

Voice and Brand.    What ties them together to make them work, engage.   Stll not ure if the works unless your voice recognition and delivery is near perfect.  Good thoughts on connection if that is the case.

What Does It Mean for Your Brand in a Voice-Centered World?
Published on May 3, 2018
By Dave Isbitski of Amazon

Chief Evangelist, Alexa at Amazon. Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Voicebot.ai Top Influencers in Voice 2019

In my role at Amazon today, I have the absolute pleasure of talking directly with customers, developers and brands every day. Some of you have already seen my recent talks involving voice and brands right here on LinkedIn: Amazon's David Isbitski on Machine Learning, A.I. and "Voice-Enabled Everything" Those talks started great discussions, enough that I felt it would be good to create a LinkedIn article. I’m going to use this article to write about a favorite topic of mine, brand experience, and what that means as we move to a voice-first world.

The first thing I often do when talking with brands is to take a step back and reflect on how they interact with their customer today. In fact, this was the same discussion I had years ago when I was helping to build mobile apps for brands at Microsoft. In early mobile, there was a fear that the essence of the brand, which flowed so well on a website, would not come across in the mobile space. Particularly if the mobile app was defined by the platforms own design guidelines: at the time this meant iOS, Android and Windows Phone. What quickly became apparent was those design guidelines were not barriers, but guardrails intended to help create a consistent, and enjoyable experience for all users on that mobile platform. It didn’t limit the creativity of your imagination, or what you could do in a mobile app, it helped unlock it by removing technical barriers. But, it did mean an entirely new way of thinking about those customer interactions was required. The same is true with voice and conversational design.  ... " 

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