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Friday, January 11, 2019

AI Inspires Unilever

Considerable article on the topic that takes it beyond food:

How AI helped Unilever discover 'breakfast for dessert'    by Omar Oakes in CampaignLive

The FCMG giant's global head of insight has co-written a book on AI in marketing. But what has Unilever learned and how is it keeping up with the pace of change in tech?

It is often said that the world’s most successful people are voracious readers. Titans of business such as Warren Buffet credit their success to consuming vast amounts of information in order to become the smartest person in the room.

But what if you’re a normal person in marketing who doesn’t have hours every day to read, but still wants to be ahead of the curve and create worthwhile insights for your brand? 

Stan Sthanunathan, the Unilever head of insights credited by the company as its "chief provocateur", believes artificial intelligence could hold the key for marketers to learn more deeply about culture and society in specific and targeted ways. A mechanical engineer by training, Sthanunathan left Coca-Cola after 17 years to join Unilever in 2013 to lead its global insights division from London.

Sthanunathan has co-authored a new book, AI for Marketing and Product Innovation, that presents itself as a hands-on guide for creatives and marketing professionals to learn more about AI through primers and real-life examples.  ....  " 

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