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Monday, January 21, 2019

Nike Store of the Future

Good example of in store retail experimentation.

Inside Nike's Store of the Future
Bloomberg   By Eben Novy-Williams in Bloomberg

Nike has opened a new flagship store in New York City that focuses on personalized, experiential shopping as a model for similar stores worldwide. The venue is designed to work seamlessly with the Nike app, allowing shoppers to check out items via phone, request deliveries to dressing rooms, and schedule appointments with a stylist. Shoppers are automatically designated NikePlus members after downloading the app, entitling them to various perks; the app employs geo-fencing technology, becoming aware of when shoppers enter the store and instantly changing the home page to showcase new offers and content. Said Nike's Adam Sussman, "We want to create a seamless connection between the physical and digital experience." Both the phone integration and additional in-store benefits for members aim to improve the customer experience and generate data about customers and their preferences, which is fed into product design and inventory decisions. ... " 

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