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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Visualized Medical Record Analysis

Liked the idea, but also probably also requires a means of augmenting the visuals to emphasize key metadata, relationship to patterns detected by meta analyses, changes over time.

Visualization: U of T Researchers Develop System for Medical Records
U of T News   By Nina Haikara

Researchers at the University of Toronto (U of T) in Canada recently discussed their development of a curation-based approach for clinical text visualization. Using information from local clinics and other resources, the Doccurate visualization tool incorporated datasets of medical chart notes for each patient, with conditions cited throughout a chart visualized as steamgraphs, string-like graphs with droplets that expand upon recurrence of terms; each condition was labeled with a different color for quick recognition. U of T's Devin Singh said Doccurate stands apart from other medical visualization tools with its capability for customization. Said Singh, "It's communicated to me in a visual way, which helps link the mental models of physicians together, creating a holistic care team through visualization." U of T's Nicole Sultanum said the next step involves delivering a visual sense of narrative and progression as to how the patient has developed over time. ..

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