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Thursday, January 24, 2019

IOTA Wallet Theft Solved?

Last years theft of some 11 million Euros from IOTA wallets using insecure random number choices,  has reportedly been solved.   Some of the security details have leaked, which could lead to better user choices.   The IOTA system uses a novel DAG architecture,  a Permissionless distributed ledger, different from blockchains, but with similar goals.   I continue to follow.

Europol arrests UK man for stealing €10 million worth of IOTA cryptocurrency   Suspect operated the iotaseed.io portal that generated and secretly logged passwords for IOTA wallets.  By Catalin Cimpanu in ZDNet ... "

IOTA is also now offering a considerable cash bounty for anyone who can hack their hash function.    Here are the details in Nextweb.

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